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  1. What's really going on behind palace walls?


    As much as there may be curiosity about what's really going on behind palace walls, specific insights into day-to-day machinations within the House of Windsor are rare. And Prince Philip marks his 98th birthday.

  2. 'Massive' power outage hits Argentina and Uruguay


    A massive power failure has been reported in Argentina, Uruguay and other parts of South America.

  3. 'A good connection': How a pub landlord wound up raising ravens hatched at the Tower of London


    A pub landlord outside London has found himself in the unique position of looking after raven chicks hatched at the Tower of London, where legend and myth suggest the majestic birds must be present or the tower will fall.

  4. When Trudeau sought to free 2 Canadians, 'Beijing had no time' for him. Will Trump?

    Cda Foreign Policy 20180922

    With Justin Trudeau’s calls for the release of two detained Canadians in China going unheeded by one superpower, the Canadian prime minister is seeking help from another. Whether the U.S. is willing to come to Canada's aid may depend on its own multi-pronged conflict with Beijing.

  5. Huge crowds march in Hong Kong as government apologizes for handling of extradition bill

    Hong Kong Extradition Law

    As tens of thousands of people jammed the streets of Hong Kong today to protest against a controversial proposed extradition law, the city's China-backed government apologized over the handling of the politically charged legislation.