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  1. G7 leaders fail to persuade Trump to reissue waivers on Iran oil sanctions


    Iran's foreign minister flew in for side talks at the G7 summit on Sunday as host France ramped up efforts to ease tensions between Tehran and Washington, a dramatic diplomatic move that the White House said had surprised U.S. President Donald Trump.

  2. Hong Kong police draw guns, roll out water cannons in latest protest violence


    Police in Hong Kong used tear gas Sunday to clear pro-democracy demonstrators who had taken over a street and brought out water cannon trucks for the first time in the summer-long protests.

  3. Trump regrets not raising tariffs on China higher, White House says

    France G7 Summit

    U.S. President Donald Trump wishes he had raised tariffs on Beijing even higher, the White House said on Sunday, seeking to clarify earlier remarks that suggested Trump regretted his decision on Friday to escalate his trade war with China.

  4. Shia militia blame Israel for deadly air raid


    Iraqi Shia paramilitary groups blamed Israel on Sunday for raids by unmanned aircraft which they said killed at least one of their fighters near to the Syrian border.

  5. Brazilian warplanes dumping water on Amazon rainforest fires

    Brazil Amazon Fires

    Backed by military aircraft, tens of thousands of Brazilian troops have been deployed in the Amazon to fight fires ravaging the rainforest. About 44,000 troops will be available for "unprecedented" operations to put out the fires.