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  1. Turkey 'outsourcing war crimes' to armed groups, Amnesty says after Kurdish politician's murder

    Hevrin Khalaf

    Kurdish politician Hevrin Khalaf was killed, and her body mutilated, in the early days of Turkey's military incursion in northern Syria. A human rights group says her death is an example of war crimes carried out by Turkish-backed Syrian armed groups.

  2. Kurdish fighters evacuate besieged Syrian border town


    Kurdish fighters and civilians have evacuated a besieged Syrian town on Sunday, the first pullback under the U.S.-brokered ceasefire deal, opening the way to a broader withdrawal of the Kurdish-led forces from regions along the Turkish border.

  3. Lebanon's anti-government protests gain momentum, enter 4th day


    Tens of thousands of protesters gathered for another march on Sunday in major cities and towns across Lebanon, demanding an end to corruption and the rule of the country's political elite.

  4. Hundreds of shops trashed as Hong Kong police, protesters clash


    Hong Kong police and protesters exchanged tear gas and petrol bombs as an illegal anti-government march that attracted tens of thousands descended into chaos, with hundreds of shops trashed and Chinese banks and metro stations targeted.

  5. Could the Royal Family shrink?


    Over the years, there have been signs of a gradual streamlining of the House of Windsor, but there has been little recently to rival the straight-up announcement coming out of another royal household the other day.